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Blogging--Mission Critical Part 2 : How to get content

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A few months ago we started a series of blog posts regarding the huge importance of ultilizing blogging as part of your website and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.  We're following up today with an answer to a question we frequently receive:

Where do I get content for my blog?

There are a few sources for great content, and unfortunately lots of sources for bad content.  It's highly important that sites that provide "spun content"  or key-word stuffed blogs are avoided.  These not only are detected almost upon first glance by your readers, but can also harm your site ranking.  Google gives preference to sites that have authentic and valuable content.  Avoid cheap, easy methods of site ranking. If you have more questions about the many ways that black-hat (overly aggressive and often unethical SEO can harm your site) drop us an email to help devise a better plan.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's discuss great ways to find content!

Here are some of our favorites!

  • Case studies
    Take an example of a client for whom you provided a service.  Chances are, there are multiple other clients out there with the same question or situation that needs to be addressed.  Case in point?  If you have assisted a dog with a seasonal allergy with high success, post before/afters and a brief description of ailment and treatment.  Leave the high-level medical lingo aside--and remember to write at a level of approximately an 8th grader.  (Remember our article here?)  Provide a way for your clients to contact you with ease.

  • Business Events
    Have an upcoming open house? Participating in a local community event? These are fabulous ways to provide details, content about event, and give your clients a way to connect with you in person.  Additionally, any philanthropic events help you connect at an even more respected level.  An event gives you an opportunity for at least three touch points:  Prior to event, day of event, and follow up. Don't let these opportunities elude you!

  • Seasonal Information
    How do the seasons affect your business?  Can you highlight a different product or service based upon the time of year?  Do it, and provide a reason for your recommendations.  Additionally, provide contact info and/or source of obtaining the discussed items/service.  

  • Guest authors
    Do you have a strategic relationship with another company?  For example, if you're a dentist who refers clients to a trusted orthodontist, or a veterinarian to refers to a specialist in chiropractic or oncology, give the referred partner space on your blog. This is a spectacular way to contribute to increased SEO rankings for one another, in addition to getting quality content.  Don't forget to link to the referred partner's website!

    Last one.

......Hire professional copywriters.

There are many wonderfully skilled writers out there.  A specialized segment of them have additional SEO certifications that can provide you a double-bonus when placing content on the web.  We are fortunate to have skilled writers as part of our team at Saris Web Design/Saris Media.  With just a few brief questions regarding the article you would like to generate, they are able to write impactful, pillar content that makes you look good, and also focus on the career that you have, saving your time and opportunity cost.

Happy writing (and blogging!)



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