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Cuvee Collective: Innovative Web Tools for DVMs

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Saris Web Design is pleased to announce our Cuvee Collective line of web solutions. Cuvee Collective is the blending of unique and innovative solutions that celebrate the pet and human bond.  Of course, we still exist to create websites with ever-increasing functionality, but Cuvee is an extension of our efforts to cater to this very specific characteristic of the veterinary world.

Harnessing years of experience, listening and learning from this community, Cuvee Collective will seek to increase clients’ return on their internet investments and make it easier to leverage social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter. Cuvee Collective

Our initial offerings included a Halloween and Christmas pet gallery. Each had unique features found nowhere else. With built in features  that help with search engine optimization, clients have already seen noticeable increases in visitor traffic to their websites.

In the coming months we will reveal web and mobile tools specifically tailored to DVMs and their clients. Our solutions will automatically create content and engage your clients emotionally.

We know the importance of the dental health month to our clients and will shortly launch a new offering to excite and engage clients specifically around this topic.

Questions comments and suggestions are more than welcomed by email, on facebook or on twitter #cuveecollective.

Share this announcement with a friend or colleague. Help us reach more DVMs looking to make the most of their websites.

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Wednesday, 07 November 2012 07:23

CMS? Yes, Please!

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A great question, and one that we are often asked, is "What is a CMS?"

A CMS is a content management system—software that is designed to make adding and editing content on a website easy and affordable. With a CMS, you don’t need to have knowledge of HTML and coding. If you are familiar at all with simple Internet technology, such as sending an email, or even editing a Word Document, chances are you have enough know-how to use a CMS. 

There are several reasons to use a CMS. As previously mentioned, a CMS makes changing content on your website easy for any level of user. With a few simple clicks of the mouse your website settings and content can be edited and published.  No need to wait for someone to make those simple changes for you. Even better...are you on the road? You can access and make changes from anywhere with an Internet connection!

You might even save money using a CMS because you can lessen the amount of time and work your programmer puts into the website, especially after your site is live.  For example, a CMS can be set up to allow clients to access the websites that their programmer/design team has created and easily manage content, including text, images, and pages, without interfering with the complex coding that maintains the structure, function and overall appearance of the site.

Content management systems do all the techy work for you. They make it easy to manage content on your website without needing HTML knowledge, and their user-friendly interface will save you time and money in the long run.

Saturday, 13 October 2012 16:44

What does technology have to do with a dog?

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Many of us own dogs (or maybe have dogs that "own us"...probably the more accurate descriptor!).  I would go a step further to say that a dog becomes an undeniable and integral part of one's family.  As quoted by Roger Caras:

"Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made."

Dogs give us the best of themselves daily, each day a new and refreshed perspective on the opportunities a new day may bring.  To them, a walk to the mailbox, going along to pick the kids up from the bus, or a quick ride around the block brings an enormous optimism of what adventures may befold them. 

I try to remind myself, pretty much on a daily basis, that this is really an attitude and perspective to embrace.  Living in the "mind of your dog", you want the best for others, you work at your full capacity for others, and you would expect that everyone else is also operating in a manner of best intentions.

Technology affords us the ability to put our best intentions forward--to capture the personality and culture of the business you represent--and while at times it may be overwhelming (need I provide a tutorial on house-breaking a pet, in comparison?), the investment in cultivating that opportunity will be priceless. Furthermore, technology is really, truly there to serve YOU; your needs only need to be defined and met with an application that works for you. We just need to trust those that are implementing it on our behalf.

In all honesty, when asked the choice between snuggling up with my Westie or my ipad, hands down--choice is the white, fuzzy one that barks (although SIRI may put up a strong fight--SKYVI for my ANDROID friends)...but when we harness the capability of technology to work tirelessly for us, connections happen, knowledge happens, and relationships develop that you may have never deemed possible. (and we have more time to spend with our canine friends ;) )




Wednesday, 26 September 2012 20:53

Three Little Office Tools with Mighty Usability

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Evernote is an application designed to help you carry your notes, to-do list, favorite web articles, and more with you wherever you go. The power of Evernote lies in its ability to sync with all of your devices—Blackberry, iOS, and Android. You can even sign in on their website and create content that will sync with your account, or use the extension for your web browser to add content directly.

One of Evernote’s unique features is its “clip” function, which allows you to literally capture content from a webpage and sync it directly with your account. You can clip your favorite articles, images, and more, and then access them when and wherever you need from your mobile device.


Dropbox is a free cloud storage service that makes saving, using, and sharing your cloud content easier than ever. Dropbox gives you 250MB of free space just for signing up, and then an additional 500MB for every friend you refer that installs Dropbox as well. You can work your way up to 16GB of free space.

The beauty of Dropbox lies in the light, non-intrusive software you download on your computer, which serves as if it were an additional storage drive so you don’t have to upload or download files from the website. When you want to save a file—whether it be a text document, image, or video—simply select your Dropbox drive from the available list, and as long as you are connected to the Internet, it automatically syncs with your Dropbox account.

With Dropbox you can also create a shared folder with your colleagues and friends to easily and safely share large files, and any other content, across the net without having to email it.


Hootsuite is the latest service in social media management. Hootsuite is great for website and small business owners because you can manage all of your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts all from one intuitive interface. Simply login to your account from their website, and instantly you can begin updating your status and reading your favorite micro blogs.

Hootsuite has several great tools for business owners, such as the ability to schedule your tweets/status updates, as well as a statistical analytics tool for keeping track of your success on social media outlets. The ability to schedule your updates gives you control over your social media campaigns for your company, and the analytics tool tells you if your social media campaigns are effective by displaying your most popular links, how many times it was clicked, and in what country/region.

--Team Author, Alexander Aldrich
Photo credit:  Some Tools by Vinicius de Carvalho Venâncio

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